All the same to me (Halftime Johnny) You never want to see that your life is a fake. All the friends you've got—you just got them by mistake. You just turn around recieving all the friends you just found. A bargain's what you get. You'll life on firm underground. // You'll get it all from me. You suck it up but you won't see though it's plain to see. You won't reach me. // I don't need to be horny that's just a state of mind. You didn't care 'bout troubles I had in anykind. You took it easy watched the world—watched it turning around. You took it easy cause the world won't stop turning around. // »It's all the same to me« This is my apologee. I won't stutter I won't shout—not my way to compain about things. I took it easy watched the world and I was astound. This couldn't please me: The world just stopped turning around.

Babylon5 I’ve built a spacelab today—examplary to built the way. My neighbours are a little strange. I don’t mind. I arranged a barbecue. We had chops and Marsian Stew with some parts of »Beagle 2« we took to improve the meal not picturing that we steal a NASA toy. // Sick and tired of always saving your ass! // The NASA boy was really sad. And Daddy George was somehow mad. They sentenced me to stay in space. From now on I should replace their space probe. / Take the effort that you can stand it that you can leave me here stranded. Bottles of beer Bottles of wine. Naked with a traffic sign. Hope to see you later sitting in a bomb crater. Good Bush said: »All clear!« Wrong there, my dear!

Back to you I'll burn the bridges that lead back to you 'cause I never will return. I'll change the lock on my front door so you can never get in again. // I'll dye my hair into midnight blue. I'll change the color of my car. From now on I'll wear black eye-shades. Now you will look over me. // Free as bird—that is how I fly. Just like an eagle I am touching the sky. I'm diving down—down in the sea. All the fishes belong to me. // I'll take my car and run over you so you never stand up again. I'll buy a gun and I'll shoot you down cause you'd have left me anyway.

Benson Benson & Hedges macht impotent - mir ist das egal. Benson & Hedges macht impotent - Lucky Strike doch auch. Benson & Hedges macht impotent - mir ist das egal. Benson & Hedges macht impotent - Gauloises doch auch. // Benson & Hedges macht impotent - mir ist das egal. Benson & Hedges macht impotent - Javanse Jongens auch. Benson & Hedges macht impotent - mir ist das egal. Benson & Hedges macht impotent - mir komplett egal.

Breath We've got pleanty of time to waste but we have managed to have better days than we'd have as we went on to cope with struggle, to cope with all this shit.// Every breath, every word, everything we take is going to change the world we've made. Every Breath, every word, everything we said could blast everything inside our heads. // The darkened shadow on the wall reveals the fact that we're too small. Too small to fight without being hit. Too small to win without a single spot. // The effort to carry on consolidates us in being strong. Being aware that this is a gift we'll succeed and let our world exist. // … and I'm doing fine now. Things turned to be good.

(The Wings of) Brideman's Bat My main man Evil Toni B. has dissapeared without a trace. The place where he once worked his strings is empty. // You are gliding on the wings of Brideman's bat. // This feeling's rolling uphill—two years and just two songs—remembering the times when we were Paul. © verse lyrics by B. Mayer (TRI-ANGER)

C.I.S.C.O. (Carribean Idiots Should Call Olga) Standing in vain without sharing anger that’s the way it’s meant to be. You’ve caused this as a perfect stranger. Your cover’s obviously. A little bit ugly and way too lucky. Your style is obsolete. Your self-protection’s fragile. Your arrogance’s so sweet. // A Waste of all the vacancies—weren’t they all for me? // Just stand there waiting for noone. Just waiting for a fuck. All you care ‘bout is your freedom. You’re liable to your drug. Dead drunk and brain sober focused on your goal. The well shaped up holder got busted on the whole.

Comic Punk I entered this place, opened the door. In front of me stood a cup. It was red and white, yellow, too. In fact it was quite colored. So I took the coffee I had in mind and poured it on the table. // It's not a shame to see that I am confused cause I've just left my bed. There's a guy with me I often abuse but never really met. // I surveyed the table, saw this guy over and over poured with coffee. »Sorry«, I said. He just grinned and on his mind grew the idea of revenge. »Everytime I wake up I'll be the Comic Punk and his life will be junk!!!« // He's the Comic Punk who keeps me dazed, the Comic Punk confusion-amazed, the Comic Punk - the one and only brain-mixer, the Comic Punk who really kicks it. // He's not big—just a small jerk with crazy hair cut. So I lifted my ass real, real high and smashed it on C.P. Now he's dead, my life's in line and definitely sad.

D is for »Drinking« You should have been there on that Sunday afternoon. I've waited on and on. You said that we'd meet soon. It takes some patience, takes some time to fix it, right? Noone wants to start an endless fight! No need to hurry, no need to long for a second chance. No need to worry—things seem stupid at a glance. // Start to make up anger! Start to suffer! It's feeling good. I've got good news for you. // So good! So far! The anger keeps the strengh. There's no sympathy in need. // We tried it hardcore-style and messed it up today. Messed everything—we wouldn't have made it anyway. It takes some patience, takes some time to fix it, right? But why should I provoke an endless fight?

Disgusting Blume Adorn me with flowers—roses, violets and orchids. Adore me for hours—grannies, mummies and you kids. Oh, I see. This won't work. These flowers adorn worse. // Disgusting flowers grow at places you would never expect them to. You can pick them but never smell their bloom. // These flowers! They are ugly! They offend my face. These flowers! They are muddy! Disgusting in this case. I don't see why this doesn't work. These flowers adorn worse.

Dishes Cockroaches contaminate our foodstuff making us sick—we're indifferent. We don't care. We don't feel rough but if girls come around all is different. // We're becoming detergent superheroes. Our superpowers result from you. We don't care 'bout cleaning our dishes no matter what's the farrago's rule. Unless we're looking in our mirrors we're totally superiour to you. Your visits are our only wishes. Come around we'll care 'bout you. // You just left—time to make a mess. Coffee, food and cigarettes! Our cleanlinessmania is becoming less just because you've gone. // Come on girls, visit me! My room is clean—I guarantee. Ring the bell—I'll let you in. And you'll find me … Come on girls, visit me! My room is clean—I guarantee. Ring the bell—I'll let you in. And you'll find me metamorphosing.

Fatten 9 »There's no insurance for being smart and tough. Noone can insure this ethernal love«, she always prayed and in her smile and glance her eager and her joy told what she really meant. She's keeping faith in everyone she cheeks. She seems to be a friend to everyone she meets. She's solemn hurt if someone can resist—he didn't know what he had to miss. // She paints colors in the sea. Can't you see it upsets me? It's a waste of time! // She entertains, is boring once in a time. She's grooning shit and hits—always staying kind. She's always pleasant but when she comes to grief she's burning out and looses her belief. // »There's no insurance for being smart and tough. Noone can insure this ethernal love.« Be glad to know her—she'll keep faith in you. Fit this shoe, be patient—it's me who is the fool.

Geneva Convention Hilarity could bring me down although I'm sheltered and kneeling on the ground. No flesh-wounds indicate my fight. No obvious injury shows that I've completed wiht my life. // Being lifted up just to be knocked down I prefer to stay here on the ground. // Dusky winds caress my face while my yearning is beaten by disgrace. Why won't someone catch my fall? Why won't someone stop me from feeling dull? // Breaking loose is where I'm at. Being breakable really makes me mad. A tiny shove could push me back. No escape-plan how to leave this shack. // Geneva Convention!

Girlfriend I had a girlfriend at the age of ten. She used to throw me in the sand. I had a girlfriend at the age of twelve. She smashed my head on the bookshelf. I had a girlfriend at the age of sixteen—the most beautiful girl I ever seen. I had no girlfriend at the age of twenty but instead—I had plenty. // I want a girlfriend at the age of thirty. She ought to fuck really dirty. I want a girlfriend at the age of forty. She ought to be really horny. I want a girlfriend at the age of hundred. I'm gonna fuck her till I'm dead. I want a girlfriend—just one at all. And I don't care if she's big or small.

Girls don't like Punk Rock Two millions of bottles are lying down here. The whole room's pissed and it stinks of beer. All cool bands did their show in here—I know—but I still feel fear. It's the worst trip I ever had. Caution! I'm running mad! Ignorance is soring my throat. I just gave up to save the world. // Girls don't like Punk Rock! They don't know what Punk Rock is about! // »Oops! What a chorus! What did he want to tell us? Is this just a macho thing? Girls—fucking, gazing—never caring!« It doesn't matter what I sing. Noone's ever listening. I told you the way to understand but you didn't even overstand. // Just listen to Euro-Disco-Shit! Three cords won't make any hit. You are staring down at me knowing I will never be the star I wanna change into. You know—I know—this is true! Why don't you just fake some fun. I promise I won't tell noone.

I.E:O. I won't do you any harm if you shut up and just be calm. This urge just came over me. You'll have fun—I swear you'll see. // I wanna hear no IEO about this and that and what you're ‘bout to see. // There's no violence in my acts. You're too young so don't react. Just lie there, shut your mouth. It'll be finished when I spout out. // Now I'm finished. I feel fine. There's no reason for you to wine. Don't be sorry ‘bout the trust I had to break. You'll understand if you start to wait. // Now shut up for the rest of your life I'll be there to kill you. I'm not sorry for ruining your life I've already killed you.

Kill the Swan I've never cleaned the windows. I've never cleaned the doors. I've never found a room so tidy. No need to feel remorse. I've never hated you so much. You took piss outta me. Now I want my money back just how we ageed. // You will never see with a fist in your face. All I feel right now: »Kill the Swan! Kill the Swan!« // Never said that I was angry. It's true it was a mess. I can't live in sterile places. I need some dirt, I guess. So why you just give me back just what I belong. Your insolence is just a fake. You are weak I'm strong! // Now you've got a mess in here. No, it's not untidy. The mighty mighty teacher comes. That's what he decided. Yes, you're calm and patient now. He put your eyes wide open. Your daughter's future vanished, gone. Your power has just broken.

Kwik-E-Mart Push of with me. The time has come to leave, too. Together with all the pleasant thoughts. This decision is free. Just leave the pain that beats you. A declaration of an L is what I want. But when you—when you’re moving in be sure to hide the way you’re moving. But when you—when you’re moving in be sure to mind the way you move in.I don’t believe that I just made me do this but how could I ever ease my mind. It was a need and I could never resist—an unrestrained force of a supernatural kind.

Last but one I'm the last but one in this stupid bar. My mind is flying but I won''t get far. The waiter offers me another beer but his eyes are saying »Get out of here!« // I don't want to go home because at home I'm alone. It's better not to be welcome—much better than being lonesome. // I don't know where to go—Strawling through the nights on empty roads. I've left this bar like you left me—gone without a word of sympathy. // You sold my heart at any occasion, exposed my mind to the whole nation. You where a part of me like my feet. I cut you off cause I don't need… // …I don't need to go home. Noones waiting there for me. I can stay on my own if that's the way it has to be.

Little Why don’t he suck my piss and swallow it down to see where the ignorance is ending, where tolerance starts and just cause he’s pretending that he’s so smart, that he’s so cool–I know that he’s an asshole–in fact he ain’t even tall. // You’re far too small–you’re little! // Pretending life’s a peace of shit asuming fate’s the answer what do you think causes cancer? Arise from earth–or is it shit?–Don’t ask me I don’t bother I care bout things that make me (become) larger!

Moe’s (I won’t share my beer) Time to go and face the facts: Nothing’s right in the way you act! Maybe I sang out of tune but I won’t rehearse in the afternoon. But when you are near I’m aware of all your fear. But when you are near I can see all you fear. The drinks you bought and want to sell won’t fill up your wishing well. Good ideas and absent-minds—a combination of a faky kind. I won’t share my beer.

Mr Burns & Smithers & Wesson You cheated all and managed to win—but won’t get away with it. You frightened us: »New York’s to fall!« I don’t believe your shit! You caused this all by your own. You’re the one to blame. GI Joe won’t come home from mission desert rain.Ran out of reason you won’t run out of oil!Hold your breathe until you choke. It’s time to resign! Let me repeat just one more time: It’s time to resign! These accusations might be true—created hand in hand. Reconsider the brand name: Anthrax is a band. Why don’t you stop to cover up—this is obvious. You intend to hold us down. Your policy’s a mess! Let me repeat just one more time: It’s time to resign! Let me repeat just one more time: It’s time to resign!

New 2 Why do I waste my time with you though I know that you don''t care about the things I say or do. I won't meet you anywhere. I won't hear you. I won't see you. I won't touch you anywhere. // No matter what you're going to do I'll start to search for someone new. // It's not the time for me to stay. Anything else is better than this. You're barricading my way. You're the last I'm going to miss.

Next week A time to walk, a time to swim, a time to crawl and a time to win. Jjust because you cannot reach it doesn’t mean you have to beat it! / Close-up now, spot the eye, shiner’s bursting with an decent sigh. Hot–too hot–too right, too cold. PMS? I’m becoming old! // Get up – stand up – throw up! They’re pointing at me.

Right here You look upon my face. I have not washed it for years. I was growing up. And I know what you’d like to see and you know what I often mean. In another world you could say what I mean. // Where you are is just where you ought to be. // Feel the things we had. Make haste to hang out with your friends. Compared it with life. And I know what you’d like to see and you know what I often mean. In another world you could say what I mean. / Listen up now! A new pain … This day I knew in 1982. Rain fell down pounding on my face to drown my sorrows. Rain fell down and scarred me like a knife. Say what you feel. It’s all you can do right now.

R. Surf Moyi mat i moyi brat iye partfynia. Saracat se pa mi candor. Sa pa miyi es pandiña saraco eparin candor. Sa pa chi eyi candor ya. Sarace sara mi sandar. Si pan tu iye pandin ya sarandar se parin candar. // Sto eta? Stol eta. Sto eta? Stol eta. Sto eta? Eta stol! // Sy pi mugli si patara samador ni mani candar. San pachi i mista naya. Sarara para isambor. Mo kashi i orcandiya wyicho i pañi andar. Sacachi iyi caniya parara se maye candar.

Scrabble I've been moving out of the city. Changes merely had to come. I had to walk—what is a pity. I'd rather choosed to run. // Walking endlessly I walked this way to see why I'm walking endlessly. // »Where are you walking, Son? You ain't walking towards the sun!« // And the changes took part very soon—still no need to run. The ease and time in the afternoons won't make things undone.

Scum of the Earh Hello! My name is mighty mouse. Watch me on TV! Transmitted right to your house you always can see me. But today are just TV-testcards passed by all stations. Daddies are tending their backyards—an immensity of patience. // Well, I'm just the scum of the earth, the biggest asshole or even worse. I'm just the scum of the earth and that I've been since my birth. // I've bought me a black police-car—noone expected. I'm driving it adorable just to be neglected. Red cars are passing right of me, yellow just go left. My capes's the only thing I see. I'm in need for some rest.

Sideshow Bob Hedgehog - hedgehog’s spines don’t fight. I clench my fist. But am I right? The tiger’s teeth don’t aktually bite. Rather does he. But I might only drivel useless things. Stop to listen before you pin on me all the guilt for all the blood that is spilled. … and you’ve just came in. Don’t pretend to run when you’ve just walked in! … and you’ve just walked in. Don’t pretend to run when you’re just walking! Never will you see that I don’t blame you for things that I would have botched by myself that I’d give up by myself. Me and he—the other guy—won’t ask you how and why. The only thing I really miss is a will in changing this.

Smurf You will never fit the shoes that I put on your feet. All the blisters I've got you will catch from me. // Your pushing ignorance makes me sick. Do I have no style? What do you think burns on that wick? So just tell me why… // What I see I don't want to see. What I am I don't choose to be. What I was I won't regain to be … and that smurf is all you see. // So you've finally made your choice. It fell out badly for me. Still it's hard to hear your voice …

Swallow it (Jaws) You're the white shark—gliding in slow motion, running into massacres without precaution. You're a big fish—swimming in the water, trying to get a bite of my daughter. You're never glutonious—often you're modest but if flesh crosses suck it in your chest. Biting your way through the oceans you don't need no tricks or potions. // You don't want anyone to avoid your anarchy even if they try to conceal you. Every peace of flesh between your jaws is a proof that you are free. // If your fin breakes the surface there's noone to escape this. Even the walross with his mustache rests in peace between your cartelage. Noone can make you being afraid of being punished or ripped your head off. So I came to recognize that your the only king of punk. Everybody else is shit and junk.

Teddybear I met you. I was a jellyfish. You drained all my water. You spit at me, you tread on me but my will was still there. Then I noticed how to treat you right and now I`m glad that you're outta sight. // ´Cause you're too silly to see that you can't call box numbers, too silly to see that I'm more than a jerk, too silly to see that love makes you wonder, too silly to see that I'm not like you heard. // That's why I'm not your teddybear. I never was, I won't be, I swear. I'll always stay a jellyfish. I always been and it's all I wish. That's why I stung you down to skul. I'll never regret but it caused my fall and it`s funny— we never cared at all.

TylerRaise your voice! Lay your eyes on memories you blew. You only want to memorize all the things I knew. / Otherwise: insomnia! My teeth are aching me. The swelling here beneeth my eyes. Like scurvy on my cheek. // Impersonating me—remember what you see. // Do not talk about. Do not talk about. Stop and it’s over.

Viceroy Being all alone in this city Bukarest sucks but they think it's pretty. Dirty huge cubes made of concrete make it hard to find the right street. All I can say is »narok« and »mulce mesk« but »cheers« won't help me out off this mess. // So I don't care at all. I build a big wall to avoid any conflicts. // I will never loose my way smoking a box of Viceroy. I will never loose my way even if I reach a dead end. I will never loose my way that's the only thing to say. I will never loose my way you can't force me anyway. // Walking along a no-way-street pleeding for help. The people I meet don't care about the way I feel. A cab driver is turning his steering wheel to prevent me from getting in his car. No matter where you go to there you are.

Young & Dumb I worked so hard for things you never could afford. All day lying there and all day being bored you never knew what people do, what they find nice, what they find cool. You never knew what people do cause you never really knew. // You didn't know cause you're young and dumb. // Who would have thought that dreams come true? Who would have thought I'll ended up with you. Nobody knew that what I said was true. Nobody knew I'll ended up with you. © second verse lyrics by RANCID